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Baptism Registration Form

You must be actively registered at St. Anthony of Padua for three (3) months prior to baptism.

Please bring your child's original Birth Certificate to the parish office when you have your meeting with the Pastor. We will make a copy and return the original to you immediatly.



God Parents must be 14 years old and Confirmed and Practincing Catholics.

If not registered with St. Anthony of Padua, a sponsorship letter from your pastor with parish seal must be submitted to St. Anthony of Padua before baptism can take place.

As a parent, I acknowledge the awesome privilege and responsibility I have to pass on the Catholic faith to my child. I will share and model my relationship with Jesus with my child by praying daily with my child, bringing my child to Mass every Sunday, participating regularly in the activities of the parish, and by serving others.
By registering my child, I acknowledge that I agree to fulfilling my responsibilites as the first teacher of my child in the ways of faith, I promise to do my best to be the example of faith that will inspire my child to live as a disciple of Jesus Christ.
You will be asked to sign this form when you meet with the Pastor to arrainge your childs baptism.