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Catholic Womens Club

Welcome to the home page for St Anthony's Catholic Womens Club.  here you will see the meeting minuets and other information about the great work that the CWC is involved in at the parish, how we are Courageously Living the Gospel.

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Catholic Womens Club

Reminder our next meeting will be held 

Monday December 2nd 7pm

with a Brown Bag auction

Holy land 2019 Video diary

Watch our Video diary of our recent Pilgrimage, walking in the Footsteps of Jesus, with Proximo Travel

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Make your contribution to the Annual Pastoral Appeal

The Annual Pastoral Appeal (APA) is an annual fundraiser, or appeal, to the parishioners of the diocese asking them to…

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Pilgrimage's with St Anthony's

Interested in an upcoming trip with St Anthony of Padua? we have many trips coming up for 2020 and 2021.

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