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First Communion Prep

This sacrament is celebrated in second grade at St. Anthony of Padua.

Requirements for First Holy Communion

  • Families of candidates must be registered members of St. Anthony of Padua Parish.  
  • A copy of candidate's Baptismal certificate must be on record at St. Anthony of Padua.
  • Children must be enrolled in sacramental preparation sessions at St. Anthony of Padua, whether they attend a Catholic parochial school or the parish Family Faith Formation program.
  • Children are required to have at least two years of consecutive Faith Formation, whether in a Catholic parochial school or parish Faith Formation program with good attendance, prior to the celebration of the Sacraments.
  • This is a two year program and children must have made their 1st Reconciliation and attended the 1st Reconciliation classes the previous year In order to be registered for this class.
  • See Parish Forms at the right of the page to register your child for Sacramental Prep and order class materials  (see registration form for links to class materials):

2024-2025 Schedule: All Classes are in the School Building from 10:45 AM until noon

Dates TBD

Sunday, 10:45 AM Class for families who do NOT attend Catholic School

Sunday, 10:45 AM First Sacramental Prep Class

Sunday,  10:45 AM 

Sunday, 10:45 AM Class

Sunday,  10:45 AM Class

Sunday,  10:45 AM Class

Sunday, , 10:45 AM Class

Saturday  Class in church by Father. 1st Communion students have opportunity for Confession after class completed (around 9:45).

Saturday,  1st Communion Rehearsal

Saturday,  1 PM 1st Holy Communion Mass. Student to be there by 12:45.

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