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We Are Building  a Dynamic Parish

 What will the Church Look like in 20 years?

 Watch what Mathew Kelly has to say about it 

Do You Want To Join Us?

How do I get involved?   What are the opertunities for me to grow in my faith?   many people want to belong to a friendly parish, a welcoming parish, but do you want to belong to a Dynamic Parish?   what would that parish look like?   How would I fit in?   and would it offer the welcome and friendly atmosphere that I want for my family?

At St Anthony's we are striving to create a Dynamic parish, using materials from Dynamic Catholic we have already set our sacremental progroms up with Blessed and Decision point, our marriage prep uses Better Together

Check out these Programs that we are using to create a Dynamic Parish, click on the link for more information from Dynamic Catholic


 Click on the link below for your free copy

The second Vatican council described the role of the faithaful as Full Active Participation in the life of the church.  the question you need to ask is this?   Am I Fully Active in the life of my parish community?   Do I activly Participate in the Life of the Church?

So What Can I Do????


Volunteer your time.

Simply click on the volunteer form on the right of this page in the Parish forms section and select an area that you want to be involved in 

How about Joining our Book Club?  

It meets on wednesday nights in the Library/conference room at the parish center