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Faith Formation/Sacramental Preparation Form

Only families that are registered active members of St. Anthony of Padua Parish are eligible to receive Sacraments or participate in the Faith Formation Program at our parish.

Catholic school students attend Faith Formaiton at their school.


If you are not a registered and active member of St. Anthony of Padua, you must register your children with your home parish for Sacraments and Faith Formation.

Registration Fee Schedule:

Faith Formation Course:     Paid Directly to https://www.familyformation.net/

Faith Formation Admin/Supplies: $30 fee paid to St. Anthony of Padua

Sacramental Preparation:   $50 fee per sacrament

Please enter N/A if this does not apply.

If student was not baptized at St. Anthony of Padua, please provide a copy of the baptizm certificate.

If student was did not receive First Holy Communion at St. Anthony of Padua, please provide a copy of the certificate.

From time to time publicity releases for newspapers, television, website, social media, and other media may be prepared and shared online about events occuring at the parish. These may or may not be accompanied by photos or videos of students. The releases may be prepared by an appointed media representative.

As a parent, I acknowledge the awesome privilege and responsibility I have to pass on the Catholic faith to my child. I will share and model my relationship with Jesus with my child by praying daily with my child, bringing my child to Mass every Sunday, participating regularly in the monthly program for which my child is registered, and by serving others.

By registering my child, I acknowledge that I have read the Code of Conduct and agree to all that it contains. If i am not able to access the Code of Conduct or have questions about Safe Environment, photo release, or any other policy, I will communicate with the Faith Formation office.

The code of Conduct for Children and Youth can be found at https://www.dosp.org/safe-environment/code-of-conduct-for-children/

Student acknowledgement